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​Dr Junius She

Dr Jun She (Junius) is well trained and fully qualified acupuncturist, Chinese herbs practitioner and the member of British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). He got his MD and PhD of Acupuncture in Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, China in 2007. After a year of working in the Chinese medicine hospital, he got a position to teach Acupuncture in London South Bank University by an international exchange scholarship programm, where he delivered lectures and supervised the students to learn Acupuncture, and organised workshops to show the local people the knowledge of Chinese medicine. 

Dr She likes to use combination of Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Tuina massage, which makes the treatment more effective. He also likes to use the combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine to make diagnosis.

He is also a senior lecturer both in London Academy of Chinese Medicine and Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine, London.  Furthermore Dr She practices Tai ji (Tai Chi) for over 10 years, and experienced to teach Tai ji exercise and other traditional Chinese exercises.

Dr Junius She's interest includes:

Stress Relief

Pain Management

IVF Support

Women's Health


Taichi Exercise


Feedback We’ve Received



I have been Doctor She's patient for over two years. He is an outstanding doctor of Chinese medicine in all three areas: acupuncture, Chinese massage, and herbs.  I have always experienced him as highly effective in his clinical diagnosis and his treatment.  In his patient care he is warm and kind and ready to explain everything and answer all questions in a clear, digestible way.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking the best and most experienced Practitioner of Chinese medicine.